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Welcome to eBay Australia! Australian Online Auction

eBay.com is an online auction and an official shopping site where individuals and
businesses buy and sell goods and services worldwide. This site is managed by an
Internet company, eBay Incorporated which also owns Paypal, Skype, Shopping.com,
Rent.com, and other online classified websites. Founded by then computer programmer
Pierre Omidyar on September 3, 1995 in San Jose, California, the website was then called
AuctionWeb. Originally the site was owned by Echo Bay Technology Group which was
Omidyar’s consulting firm. He tried replacing the name AuctionWeb into another
resounding name. He tried to register the company name as a domain name,
EchoBay.com, in replacement of the current one but was already taken by a gold mining
company obtaining the same name. So he just thought of cutting the name short which
was his second choice, eBay.com. eBay has sites in many countries around the world.
It has websites for customers in the United States, France, New Zealand, Germany,
United Kingdom, China, Singapore, Australia and even more countries in the

Millions of goods and collectibles ranging from electronic devices,
appliances, sporting goods, clothing, accessories, and vehicles, up to memorabilia’s are
listed, bought and sold daily in this so-called online marketplace. Generally almost anything
can be sold here as long as the product is not illegal and follows the restrictions and policies
provided by eBay Incorporated. At first, eBay was not taking hold of the items that are
not meant to be sold on the site. But as the company grew, it thought of the importance
of restricting auctions for various items. Though some restrictions vary in some regions,
there are common items that are prohibited by eBay.com like certain copyrighted works
and trademarked products, drugs and drug paraphernalia, recordable media, OEM and
Games softwares, weapons and knives, used clothings, food, event tickets, fireworks,
bootleg recordings, artifacts, medical devices, government ID’s and licenses to name a
few. Services, on the other hand, can also be sold through eBay. Large international
companies, like those software producing groups, offer their services on eBay using
competitive auctions.

Please note: This site is not the official eBay Australia site,
nor is it endorsed by eBay. We are simply providing information on this subject.

Although only recently launched this site will ultimately provide comprehensive info on Australian Online Auction, Shopping Website, Online marketplace
We'll update this site as often as possible with all the latest news and views as soon as we know. Please come back regularly to see what's changed

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